The world of computers is dominated by many extremely famous computer brands – the names of these brands are familiar being familiar even to a person who is not well-versed in computers is just about the proof of how much they dominate our world today.

Below are some of these computer giants we hear about on such a daily basis:

  • Apple –Everyone knows about Apple. It’s not just about computers, this company dominates just about every field related to digital devices. And rightly speaking, Apple has ranked first for many consecutive years both as the best and most popular computer brand. While its prices are certainly exorbitant (that’s just about the drawback every device with the little glowing Apple logo has), the specs and everything else this brand can offer is definitely beyond the league of other computer brands – at least for now, and in the foreseeable future.
  • Dell – next ranked is the Dell brand of computers. At second place since a few years ago, this computer brand boasts of an extremely wide line of computers – desktops, laptops, you name it – with diverse price ranges and uses. A subsidiary of the company, Alienware is the to-go brand for gaming computing hardware:

Games such Grand Theft Auto V, Call of Duty, FIFAand other similar games can play at smooth fps rates with these gaming computers.

  • Asus–Asus is a computer brand that has come to prominence much later than the other brands listed here. Nonetheless, it is still for all a very promising brand – which is also why it has managed to come up amongst these older brands. The things best known about the Asus computers are their durability and the awesome warranty that comes with its products. Not only they rarely break – but in the even that they do break, you’ll be surely covered by the company. Plus, it’s the only computer brand that offers a warranty covering accidental damage.
  • Lenovo–the Lenovo brand is another very popular brand for computers. As to where this brand shines best, is no doubt in how it designs its computers. Lenovo offers lines such as the Yoga laptops, which are just about the lightest computers you’d find from any brand. And in the case of business computers, again, the answer is Lenovo – the ThinkPads are the unrivalled business laptops in the field as of now.
  • MSI – If you want to know of innovative computers, then the place you should be looking for is MSI. This computer brand is known for its inventive applications, such as eye-tracking sensors and mechanical keyboards. They are also on the creative side in the designs of their computers too – you will find that many of its computers are splashed with colourful and vibrant colours, whilst also retaining stately designs. They are another brand faring well in the field of gaming, with many of its gaming computers performing extremely well and having been praised by critics and users alike.