Law has emerged as a dynamic profession in recent years worldwide. Within law, criminal law in particular has witnessed an increase in terms of students pursuing it. Every now and then something or the other keeps happening within a country and this profession lets you analyse the different aspects of human behaviour while dealing with several cases.


Who are Criminal Lawyers?

They are public defenders who defend people, individuals and organisations against any kind of crime. Also referred to as criminal defence lawyers they deal with a wide spectrum of criminal cases ranging from domestic violence, sexual assault, theft, burglary, drug possession to minor frauds and malpractices.

Duties of a Criminal Lawyer

The general duties of a criminal lawyer include:

  • To conduct case investigation along with interviewing the witnesses
  • To design a defence strategy
  • Carry out negotiation with the defence party to plea or lesser the severity of charges accused.

Skills and Qualifications

Apart from a full time Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in law there are various other skills required to be a successful criminal lawyer which include

  • Great oratory skills
  • Good presence of mind and attention to details
  • Inquisitive attitude and spontaneity in personality
  • Persuasive skills and good use of manipulation

In addition to these, the person must possess good analytical skills to design defence and case strategies. In depth knowledge of laws is needed to navigate criminal judicial procedure competently.The career options in the field of criminal law are immense where one can consider practicing as a criminal lawyers  penrith court or can work with any legal firm .With emerging crimes and growing economies, criminal law is becoming the nest hot career stream for law practicing students and offers a huge potential for career growth as well.